Undoubtedly Cartels are conceived as an enormous antitrust problem that is exhibited both in a domestic as well as an international level. Complications in their detection arise due to their modus operandi as they operate within full secrecy with the ultimate aim of hiding any proof that could be associated with their violations.

Our legal experts are in a position to detect the operational mechanisms of a Cartel ,despite their undercover efforts, thus contribute in the global war against Cartels but simultaneously Chambersfield creates the necessary safety points and strategy in order to safeguard our Clients’ interests in the case of initiation of an investigation against them and mitigate the plausible damage occurred on the finance and reputation of our Client’s corporation.

Chambersfield provides its services in association to any investigation authorized by, inter alia, the European Commission, the US Department of Justice and the UK Office of Fair Trading.  Our services vary from the handling of the bureaucratic burden associated with the investigation, to the court defense against any damage claims that may arise as a consequence of any possible cartel finding. Furthermore our experts undertake to timely prepare a response and managing strategy which shall also cover the internal handling and media communication reaction to the matter in order to mitigate consequences at all fronts.