Product recall

Regardless of the ongoing business performance evaluation that we provide for our Clients, in order to safeguard them from any unforeseen complications that might arise, and, despite all good will and efforts conducted matters relating to safety concerns and product quality might appear.

Our teams of legal experts at Chambersfield are skilfully equipped to handle such incidents by, simultaneously, consulting the Client as to the internal management of such an incident, minimizing the adverse effects to the company’s reputation and branding by diplomatically handling the media, and, if rendered necessary, proceeding with handling any possible litigation process through Chambersfield’s legal experts which are placed almost all around the globe.

Lastly our above-mentioned course of action is complemented by our ‘on the ground’ experts who can initiate dialogue with the analogous authorities and minimise the damage on the company’s reputation by illustrating a local course of action thus handling matters at the front of the situation.