The changing industry scenery has led to a significant tendency of the selling and purchasing of non-core functions of a business labelled as “carve-out” i.e. partial divestiture of a business unit. Chambersfield is able to provide its Clientele with the carve-out strategy required as per the circumstances of each case i.e. spinoff carve-out, equity carve-out etc.

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide you with a carve-out scheme, even in instances where the said business unit is deeply integrated and intertwined with numerous other units of the corporation, thus, rendering it essentially perplex to proceed with its sale while maintaining the corporation sustainable and solvent. Our experience and expertise enable us to forecast the consequences of a carve-out and thus assess whether it is to the benefit of our Client especially when it come to equity carve-outs whereby the proceeds are usually rendered evident in the long run.

We are present from the initiation of the theoretical construction of the carve-out strategy to the materialization of the scheme including, inter alia, the handling of the technicalities of the due diligence reports to the illustration of any necessary re-domicile planning.