The constantly changing market conditions have led to innovative avenues for the generation of revenue, an example of which is the engagement in the licensing process, where revenue is instantly generated and guaranteed to the benefit of the licensing company accompanied by name recognition advantages ,again, on behalf of the licensing company.

Our Chambersfield teams around the world of Intellectual Property Lawyers have the necessary skills and knowledge to safeguard our Licensor Client’ proprietary and confidential information, throughout the licensing process, and in addition, can assist our Clientele in the constant enhancement of their Intellectual Property portfolios, which can be taken advantage, to the benefit of the corporation, as a marketing and brad extension mechanism.

Via the licensing avenue, and through our guidance and insight, we prepare a coherent and solid licensing program, always in accordance to the compliance requirements present, whereby our Client’s brand can expand into a new business sector with minimal expenses via simultaneously maintaining overall control of the brand image and of its image to the public.