Chambersfield has a primary avenue for safeguarding its Clients’ interests, and, deterring a damaging, to the interests of its Clients’ environmental incident. We provide environmental risk management which we provide for and on behalf of our Clients through an in depth comprehension of the relevant legal regime and foresight specifically via, inter alia, the implementation of the required planning risk, acquirement of the necessary planning permissions and environmental permits, analogous construction consents etc.

Our transnational group of expert environmental litigators can devotedly defend our Clients’ interests, inter alia, in regards to the occurrence of catastrophic incidents leading to toxic and oil spillages, contribution actions, private response costs, toxic tort litigation i.e. nuisance, fear of cancer, negligence, medical monitoring, etc in regards also to class actions.

Chambersfield strives to achieve the right balance by guiding its Clients throughout the fulfilment of their regulatory obligations while simultaneously constructing and materializing the analogous strategy for the mitigation of any possible brand and reputation damage.