Our transnational diversified teams of experts at Chambersfield, which are placed in key destinations and essential financial centers, proceed with constant monitoring and assessment of the drastically altered market and regulatory framework in order to safeguard our Clients interests from the intrusive and at times abusive checks and balances placed by various governments in connection to commodities finance.

The above-mentioned changing scenery, demands innovative and rapid commodity and energy financing solutions and strategies which we devise and deliver to our Clientele in accordance to their interests either as producers, financial institutions or energy traders.

The expert legal teams at Chambersfield apply the most sophisticated capital markets and derivative techniques to the financing of commodity, energy, and other physical assets. We work with stand-alone or embedded commodity derivatives, repos, total return swaps, pre-paid swaps and other structures, using a variety of market contracts and indices, to fund a broad range of commodities and energy-related products, including base and precious metals, oil, gas, coal and soft commodities. Our knowledge also extends to the particular issues of trading and holding physical assets.