The expert legal teams at Chambersfield, acknowledge the notion of branding as an essential and vital value, as, it promotes recognition and differentiates the said business from its competition. It strengthens internal relations, and, triggers quality referrals but most importantly it attributes substance and value to the business.

Chambersfield global legal teams, in recognition to the supreme importance of brands, aim at providing the necessary safety net to the Clientele in order to assist them in both the domestic and multinational expansion of their brand risk-management production practices, and, analogous cross-border marketing, while, simultaneously, ensuring that they remain compliant with the diversified and constantly changing legal regime.

Chambersfield strives to evolve its policies in parallel to the globalized market scenery thus placing strategic harmonization of the branding process as a priority. This is accomplished via our legal teams in-depth knowledge of the various European Union, and, international, unfair competition, and, trade mark law provisions and brand protection regimes.