Financial services

Financial institutions are most often the selected target group of large-scale and perplex investigations which endanger the institution both on a financial and on a reputational level.

Chambersfield has expert legal teams, composed of professionals placed all around the globe, which are suitably equipped to safeguard the interests of a diverse portfolio of Clients i.e. banks, asset managers, insurers etc, even when it comes to perplex multi-jurisdictional investigations.

Our transnational diversified team of experts at Chambersfield is in a position to strike the right balance between the corporation’s obligatory adherence to the analogous legal framework, during an investigation, and, the safeguarding of the rights, data protection and privacy of all interested parties through the formulation of internal control and policies, which, are compliant with the corporation’s legal obligations when it comes to a wide spectrum of investigations and regulatory enforcement matters including, inter alia, market misconduct, insider trading, complaints in connection to retail products, etc.