Private equity and financial investors

Via a combination of the appropriate technical know-how of the operational mechanisms, checks and balances, internal controls and supreme intellectual understanding of the legal status quo, and , near future legal developments, the transnational expert legal teams at Chambersfield comprehend the driving forces of each private equity marketplace and thus provide the analogous guidelines and advise to financial investor Clients when it comes to, inter alia, direct acquisitions, secondary buy outs, IPOs and trade sales, consortium agreements ,refinancing and restructuring of company portfolio, compliance monitoring and anti-trust consultation.

Our legal teams of Chambersfield through decisiveness and innovation constantly formulate new schemes and strategies in connection to private equity, and, through an intertwined network of transnational and diversified experts, provide insight and knowledge when it comes to management incentives, tax, litigation, etc., which, as essential accompanying components, guarantee the success of any envisaged private equity transaction.