Chambersfield is equipped with legal teams of diversified experts which are strategically based around the globe, and, through striking the right balance between industry sector experience and legal awareness of the operational mechanisms and compliance requirements, which, accompany in general each jurisdiction and specifically each market segment, provide their expertise when it comes to a wide spectrum of parameters arising from a private M&A, inter alia, establishing tax structures, assessing litigation risk, dealing with pension matters ,and, assuring regulatory compliance.

We are in a position to theoretically envisage and pragmatically illustrate M&A transactions of any nature and scale through multi-layer and innovative strategies whose each aspect of sustainability and profitability is initially scrutinized by employment, tax, real estate, EU and competition and dispute specialists who are fully capable of providing there expert opinion when it comes to a wide range of sectors, including, energy, technology, media, infrastructure etc. telecommunications.

Our above-mentioned services are complemented by our ability to accompany and guide our Clients in the assessment of various other parameters, including, inter alia, possible future liabilities, arrangements required throughout the transition period, guidelines as to dealing and negotiating with the management, etc.