Our diversified and transnational teams of legal experts at Chambersfield, through a solid mixture of experience and expertise, are able to provide their services in regards to complex public M&A transactions to a diversified portfolio of Clients, including, private equity sponsors, corporate clients, stakeholders, offerors, etc.

Our robust, globally placed and intertwined network, which includes legal and financial strategic advisors, enables us to provide our services when it comes to a wide spectrum of Public M&A, including, public recapitalization, spin-offs and de-mergers, cross-border public mergers, tender offers, all of which, are accompanied by the analogous defensive strategies.

The expert legal teams at Chambersfield, through foresight and intellectual insight analyze all components in advance, i.e. initial communication, bid preparation, deal materialization, etc., in order to guarantee success which is to a great extent safeguarded via the support provided when it comes to the formulation of the public bid from, inter alia, tax, regulatory, litigation, employment and real estate experts.