Chambersfield has transnational legal teams with  significant experience when it comes to advising corporations and individuals of any real estate service. Specifically, our expert teams of legal professionals identify investment projects and/or opportunities for Clients all around the world.

Chambersfield strives to provide its Clients with advice on all aspects related with Real Estate. Our teams of legal experts at Chambersfield  support our Clients in their most significant real estate projects via assisting with the mitigation of risk, through our risk management mechanisms, thus, contributing directly to the successful illustration of the Client’s commercial goal.

Our teams of legal experts of Chambersfield undertake all legal issues in relation to real estate for any transaction and/or dispute.

Our main areas of experience are, inter alia, the following:
– Advise on development and planning, projects and construction, regeneration
– Advise in relation to the purchase and sale of immovable property
– Sale and purchase agreements of real estate
– Conveyance
– Estate planning and administration
– Wills, probate
– Trusts
– Construction and development disputes
– Due diligence of real estate projects and/or entities