Corporate real estate

The diversified Clientele of Chambersfield includes, inter alia, occupiers, investors, the corporate sector, private equity houses, funds etc., whose interests we serve based upon our fundamental policy of operating within the parameters of an in-depth commercial understanding of the real estate industry, which is partly obtained through our constant communication with local core market players.

Via our strategically based teams of ‘on the ground’ experts we are in a position to monitor the driving forces of market change and evolve and adapt our approach rapidly based upon the new developments and thus proceed with constant recommendations to our Clients in regards to the selection of the most suitable jurisdiction, in accordance to their commercial goals, for their constructions projects, and, simultaneously advise against the materialization of any possible projects in jurisdictions were increased risk of reduced profitability is probable.

Complementary to the above we provide our guidance and advice in connection to a variety of transactions interrelated with the construction sector, including, inter alia, cross- border investment programs, transactions in the capital market, real-estate restructurings and financing, business planning and development of energy based development programs, etc.