Undoubtedly, great attention has been given to the transition from renewable energy to low-carbon energy leading to an inclination, from multiple nations, to modernize their energy infrastructure in order to better absorb and integrate this shift.

The above-mentioned tendency is especially evident in the European Union which has, in numerous occasions, demonstrated the importance of modern energy infrastructure in connection to the economic affairs of the Union. Despite its precision in regards to the energy and infrastructure modernization, it is a fact, that not all low-carbon energy investments are commercially sustainable, long term profitable and viable, hence proper project advising, structure and illustration is required.

Our legal teams of Chambersfield are suitably equipped to provide their advice and guidance, when it comes to low carbon energy projects on a wide range of aspects, including, inter alia, emissions trading and any rising disputes in connection to emission allowance, drafting and monitoring of the adherence of emissions reduction purchase agreements, flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol,etc.