Undoubtedly, as a partial consequence of the financial crisis, the well-established tendencies associated with the executive pay are under severe critiques and drastic alternations hence significantly affecting the established status quo of executive compensation in regards to, inter alia, Private Equity ,Bankers, Fund Managers.

The established payment mixture of financial compensation and other non-financial awards in the forms of, inter alia, salaries, bonuses, call options and shares has been significantly placed under the microscope by the financial industry with the European Union altering the established regime in an essentially stricter one, thus, comprehension of and integration to the new regulatory regime is of essence.

Our transnational diversified teams of experts at Chambersfield are suitably equipped to guide and assist our Clientele in adapting within the parameters of this new regulatory landscape and simultaneously ensure that there are no conflicting practices and policies with the analogous employment law principles.