Undoubtedly the importance of pensions in the last decade has increased drastically as demonstrated also by the numerous regulations introduced, and, technical perplexity surrounding the concept hence the increasing need for solid legal advice in connection to all matters associated with pensions ,especially, in regards to the necessity of comprehending the regulatory parameters of vital legal instruments i.e. The Pensions Act 2004 which enhanced the power parameters of the Pensions Regulator (TPR).

Chambersfield has global legal teams suitably equipped to assist in the compliance and enforcement policy of pension schemes through the analogous approach of the regulation governing the public service schemes ,always, within the wider spectrum of the relevant statutory objectives.

Our above-mentioned approach is complemented by strict scrutiny of the proposed pension schemes with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of their standards and rendering them more compliant, always, in accordance to the constantly evolving corporate governance and administration requirements.