Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

We demonstrate integrity, respect and teaming.

We bring in our teams people with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead.

We facilitate on people who build relationships and we ourselves actively seek to constantly build new relationships around the world with mind-liked people based on doing the right thing.

Chambersfield is committed in doing its part in building a better professional world.

We commit to our clients that we understand the confidence that they place in us to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do.

Integrity and professionalism that we bring to our daily challenges and problem solving defines our reputation.

We are each accountable for our own decisions. And we are accountable to all our Chambersfield colleagues around the world.

Our Code presents each of us with an ethical and behavioral framework to guide our response to the challenging and sometimes difficult choices we face.

In ethical issues, each member of Chambersfield around the world has the responsibility to respond in a manner that reflects our values.

We are not afraid and we do not take any pressure from any third party to express our own opinion and objection in ethical situations.