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Transaction Management Services

Transaction Management aims to optimize any type of business deal as well as reducing the idle time and resources used, whether it is a one-off deal or portfolio fund management.

With the support of our professional corporate team of attorneys, entrepreneurs are able to extend their portfolio value and meet their company’s financial goals.

Our team of experts offers to investors all the necessary support to enhance their investment value on a local and international level.

In addition, our team has the capacity to provide valuable input on transactions and industry dynamics to investors with the intention of assisting during the process of deciding the industry they wish to invest, the type of investment, and the jurisdiction.

Moreover, our team of senior legal advisors offers full support by preparing all the necessary documentations i.e. drafting of contracts, transaction communication with all parties involved etc.

Furthermore, our corporate lawyers are monitoring closely the transaction progress until its completion and report in frequent intervals the transaction status to the investor.

Hence, our legal advisors, are able to act on behalf of the client during the stages of the transaction execution.

With an international presence and expertise in complicated multi-jurisdictional transactions, GFA Trust is able to assist entrepreneurs, corporate entities, institutional entities, in any related business, commercial and real estate transaction matter.