Corporate criminal liability

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Corporate criminal liability

In an attempt to place checks and balances on the acts of the corporations, and, restrict their wide freedoms in general engagement, the notion of liability has penetrated the scenery in order to regulate, scrutinize and punish the unlawful actions of a corporation and of its representatives.

Hence, corporate behaviour has been placed under the microscope and is receiving extensive pressure via the increasing drafting and application of criminal legislation combined with regulatory powers which are of an invasive nature, resulting, if applicable, to hard core fines and penalties which are strictly enforced.

Chambersfield has global legal teams which constantly monitors the development of the principles dominating corporate criminal law, along with, if applicable, the development of their practical implementation via case law to assist our Clientele in the prevention of being held criminally liable, and in necessary instances, proceed with defending or pursuing their interests of our Clientele via the avenue of litigation in accordance to the principles of each legal regime.

We can also undertake prosecutions on behalf of Attorney General and/or Governments and in addition we provide Defence services to such corporate or individual clients.

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