Corporate reorganisations

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Corporate reorganisations

Our transnational diversified teams of experts at Chambersfield, are in a position to guide our Clientele when it comes to corporate reorganizations, from the initial formulation of the theoretical structure, to the materialization of the envisaged scheme.

Our corporate reorganization services, are applicable both to restructurings within the statutory framework and to those driven by the purpose of tax efficiency. Our presence is constant in connection to all aspects of a corporate reorganization i.e. opening a dialogue with the creditors when it comes to maintaining the due repayments, restatement of assets and liabilities, etc.

The expert legal teams at Chambersfield guarantee successful reorganization, since, through the concept of empowerment, innovation and evolution we proceed, when deemed necessary, with fundamentally altering the structure thus, inter alia , enhancing the dynamics when it comes to the decision-making process, empowering the people to be decisive and logical in regards to taking a decision, speed up the entire decision-making process, etc.

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