Data protection and privacy

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Data protection and privacy

Undoubtedly the number of data breaches is drastically increasing throughout all market segments, thus, rendering the necessity for a robust safety net essential in order for stakeholders, customers and vendors to feel assured and simultaneously for corporations to avoid reputational risks, which, would ultimately result to severe and irreparable damage to their reputation.

Our transnational legal teams of Chambersfiled, have acknowledged that corporations are in an increasing need of an intertwined global framework for data protection, compliance and privacy which is of vital importance especially during investigations into corruption and white-collar crime.

Our diversified teams of experts of Chambersfield, through a combination of technical domestic know-how and in-depth knowledge of the national, international and European Union analogous legal regime, are in a position to strike the right balance between the corporation’s obligatory adherence to the analogous legal framework, during an internal investigation, and, the safeguarding of the rights, data protection and privacy of all interested parties through the formulation of internal control and policies which are compliant with the corporation’s legal obligations.

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