Defence and export controls

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Defence and export controls

Chambersfield operates via teams of legal experts who maintain constant communication with all institutions, which operate as core players, in association with trade controls on a European Union and international level and thus acquire an in-depth understanding of the operational mechanisms and applicable legal framework.

Hence via market awareness combined with technical knowledge and intellectual in-depth legal understanding, our experts in Chambersfield are suitably equipped to offer premier services in connection to a wide spectrum of demands, associated with export control law, to the benefit of a diversified portfolio of Clients, including, multinational companies, governments, trade associations, etc.

Chambersfield is equipped with transnational teams of legal experts who have accumulated international legal knowledge of all regulations and restrictions in connection to the overseas export of goods and services and are thus in a position to advise our Clientele as to the necessity of a strategic export control license, its application process and advice as to the existence of arms embargo and other restrictions that might affect the envisaged project as also to the existence of any trade sanctions and economic sanctions that are also applicable when it comes to defense and security products and services.

Complementary to the above our teams of experts at Chambersfield  are suitably equipped to provide their services when it comes to internal structural issues and audits as also in providing an in-depth analysis of the trading relations and transactions between any requested jurisdictions.

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