Emerging market financing

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Emerging market financing

At Chambersfield, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality legal services that are designed to meet the needs of our clients operating in emerging-market economies. Our team of transnational legal experts is equipped with the technical and intellectual skills necessary to keep up with the ever-changing economic landscape, allowing us to provide innovative and effective legal solutions to our clients.

Our team’s expertise allows us to monitor the development of emerging-market economies and identify shifts and modifications in the substance of global investments. By conducting an empirical assessment of all core parameters and combining it with an in-depth theoretical understanding of relevant legal and financial regimes, we are able to structure and materialize cross-border transactions using innovative financing methods. These include structured margin lending, securitization, real estate financing, debt capital markets issues, and multi-layer project finance work.

We always take into consideration various factors of the emerging market, including capital flows, financial development, public finance, and foreign borrowing, among others. This helps us to provide our clients with tailored legal advice and services that meet their unique needs.

At Chambersfield, we are committed to providing exceptional legal services that help our clients succeed in the global marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.