Employment and pensions

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Employment and pensions

Our transnational diversified team of experts at Chambersfield can assist our Clients’ corporation throughout the business’ entire life span when it comes to the administration of the Employer-Employee relations, regardless of the geographical whereabouts of each party, as also, with safeguarding the corporation’s full compliance with the relevant employment law regime via a close and constant monitoring of the non-stop changing legislative scenery and perplex practices.

Through our guidance and robust Human Resource advisory we strive to minimise the occurrence of any conflict that might hinder the corporation’s daily affairs i.e. via primarily providing internal procedural manuals and codes of conduct, and, if rendered necessary, by referring any arising matter to our disputes colleagues for resolution purposes.

Regardless to the above avenues our team of employment and pension litigation lawyers can aggressively safeguard our Client’s interests in court, in connection to numerous issues, inter alia, in regard to employee discrimination and harassment issues, terminations, whistle-blowing claims, thefts of confidential information, etc.

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