In the rising face of the drastically and constantly modified environmental scenery, environmental risk management is becoming a crucial ‘ingredient’ for an adequate corporate strategy, as, it is of high essence that the risks which accompany pollution incidents, natural disasters and controversial technological innovations are rapidly and efficiently dealt with.

Our diversified expert teams at Chambersfield include technical experts who possess the ability of evaluating and tackling environmental risks of increased complexity via their practical know-how, combined with legal experts with an in-depth understanding of global, international and domestic rules, regulations and laws, in connection to the environment, who are able to assess environmental risk decisions on a local and strategic/national level.

Via the proper application of the most suitable and efficient risk management techniques our team of experts at Chambersfield is in a position to assess environmental risk costs and thus, ultimately, acknowledge and assess possible losses in a timely manner.

Regardless of all due diligence applied, it is inevitable, that environmental accidents, on occasions take place. In such an event our claims management team, along with our international litigators, are suitably equipped to mitigate damage both on a monetary and reputational level in connection to claims associated with , inter alia, personal injury, damage to third party property, contamination and pollution, etc.

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