EU regulatory and public affairs

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EU regulatory and public affairs

The diversified expert legal teams of Chambersfield have successfully managed to provide their Clientele with a means of access, and communication with the analogous European Union bodies when it comes to influencing the construction of European Union administrative decisions and legislation.

The previously-mentioned is achieved via our transnational legal teams at Chambersfield which have rendered themselves an intermediary between our Clientele and the relevant European Union bodies when it comes to promoting our Clients interests and safeguarding their rights during the EU legislation drafting accompanied by campaigns including both legal and public affairs advice.

Complementary to the above we function as a bridge between our Clients and several officials within core European Union institutions in order to enable our Clients to construct and enhance their industrial relations with vital European Union officials in order to be in a position to ultimately influence legislative process and thus subsequently promote their interests and safeguard their rights.

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