Industrial relations and work council

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Industrial relations and work council

The vitality of industrial relationships has arisen, inter alia, as a consequence of the financial crisis which has severely shaken the relationships between the Employer and the Employee due to the generally applied cost-reduction measures which, unavoidably, included employee reduction plans and procedures.

Industrial relations have not only been endangered due to the financial crisis but are also in a presently increasing danger due to the global level of organization of the trade unions which have placed their aggressiveness upon multinational corporations who act as multi-jurisdictional Employers.

Undoubtedly, experience, expertise, strategy, innovation and decisiveness are required in order to efficiently handle the above-mentioned parameters, all of which, are certain to be found in the services provided by the expert legal teams at Chambersfield which are composed of diversified and globally located experts.

Specifically our legal teams of Chambersfield guide and advice our Clientele when it comes to the handling of affairs between the Employer and the Employee ranging from the drafting of applicable staff manuals ,referring to daily matters, to diplomatic negotiations with work councils and trade unions.

Lastly due to our expert legal teams which function also as ‘on the ground’ experts we are able to initiate and maintain productive communications with local trade unions and authorities, when deemed necessary, in order to serve to the maximum our Clients’ interests and equally and aggressively protect their rights, inter alia, through an in-depth understanding of the internal mechanisms and applicable legal foundations of all European Works Council issues.

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