Investment treaty protection

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Investment treaty protection

The international investment framework consists of numerous investment treaties, which include, inter alia, investment protection provisions located in free trade agreements of a bilateral nature, usually, executed between countries possessing different characteristics in their economic markets with, most often, each executing party striving to accommodate its interest based on its nature and phase of economic transition.

Our legal teams at Chambersfield, through a constant monitoring of the negotiation of the investment treaties, and, engagement in disputes which arise from their provisions are very well aware of the fact that the majority of the treaties promote a paternalistic behavior from the part of the hosting state, supported by vagueness and uncertainty when it comes to the essence of the provisions, with the ultimate purpose being to increase its income and market popularity, by placing disproportional obligations on foreign investors, which most commonly result in seizure of their assets and direct or indirect reduction of their profitability hence resulting into damage on their investment.

Chambersfield operates via teams of transnational based legal experts who are both intellectually and technically, suitably equipped, to construct multi layer strategies, that safeguard our Clientele’s legal entities, from exposing their business and transactions in jurisdictions posing a high risk and threat, due to their investment treaty provisions, and, when deemed necessary, safeguard our Clients’ interests via the international arbitration forum and international litigation.

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