Investment treaty protection

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Investment treaty protection

Through our ‘on the ground’ legal teams, who are located in each jurisdiction on a global scale, Chambersfield is in a position to adequately assess the benefits of selecting a specific jurisdiction for the initiation and materialization of a Client’s investment ,and ,simultaneously, construct the applicable investment strategy, via evaluation of, inter alia, the degree of paternalism and protectionism exhibited by the said jurisdiction when it comes to its acceptability of foreign investments on a political, social and economic level. This so in order to mitigate the risk of the Clients’ investment being overall damaged from aggressive checks and balances imposed by the host state, which, could ultimately ,lead to the Clients’ having their assets seized or profits minimized.

Chambersfield’s team of legal experts is suitably equipped to protect the interest of our Clients, who are either companies incorporated and registered in another state or individual investors who are nationals of another state, who wish to proceed with an investment outside their country of domicile via the existence of bilateral investment treaties i.e. treaties whose executing parties are two states whereby one state commits to protecting investments made by investors of the other state.

Our excellent and in-depth comprehension of the provisions of the bilateral investment treaties allows as to precisely assess the degree of legal protection, compensation and detrimental interference attributed by the treaties and thus, ultimately advise, our Client’s of the benefit and risk percentage of their investment in the said jurisdiction, specifically, in connection to, inter alia, bonds, contractual property rights, intellectual property rights, participation in local corporations, etc .

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