Joint ventures and minority investments

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Joint ventures and minority investments

Chambersfield operates via legal teams of experts who are able to proceed with providing our Clients with an infallible structuring and planning for joint ventures, and, minority investments, with success being guaranteed ,due to ,inter alia, the extensive collaboration between a wide spectrum of legal experts including regulatory, pension, environmental, intellectual property and employment legal professionals.

With determination we have proceeded with constantly formulating alternative and innovative options, for the strengthening and expansion of our Clients’ corporations in an international level. Via our ongoing research and assessments we have classified joint ventures, and minority investments as an applicable strategic alternative and expansion opportunity.

The expert legal teams at Chambersfield provide advice and guidance in connection to joint ventures of various natures i.e. project based ventures, single transaction joint venture, joint ventures as an operational mechanism which ultimate leads to penetration into emerging markets, etc., always, accompanied by guidance in connection to the conducting of the negotiation’s process, pitfalls and deadlocks.

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