Market conduct and dominance

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Market conduct and dominance

In light of the global attention received from the media, and ,declared dedication explicitly stated from the regulators in both the United States and European Union, emphasis is given in the combat against abusive policies applied by dominant corporations, thus, consequently, inter alia, resulting in the imposition of heavy fines to companies exhibiting illegal practices.

Chambersfield’s diversified group of experts possesses all necessary skills and knowledge in order to provide guidance to our Clientele in matters relating to complicated dominance issues via assisting corporations of a leading market position to avoid any possible liability arising from illegal market conduct.

Our services evolve around the concepts of providing consultation for the construction of commercial and corporate strategies which do not contravene compliance principles from their theoretical aspect to their practical implementation. We aim ate safeguarding our Clientele from any actions that may give rise to accusations in regards to predatory pricing practices, bundling, access to an essential facility, partly achieved, via an in-depth examination of the corporation’s distribution system.

Through our local experts which are placed globally we strive to maintain an up to date substantial understanding of all national competition laws and regulations in order to be also in a position to assess the risks taken by our Clients, on a daily basis, within a commercial context and also to consult on appeals challenging the decisions of national competition authorities and of the European Union.

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