Market/sector investigations

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Market/sector investigations

Market/Sector investigations are, inter alia, authorized by the European Commission and other national or federal commissions, whereby, instead of focusing the search on a specific corporation emphasis is being re-located into a specific sector of the economy and into certain forms of agreements, parties to which, are corporations of different sectors of the market.

In instances where the results of the investigation indicate any level of restriction or distortion of the sector through the form of limited trade, absence of entry of new participants in the sector, price rigidity etc, then further, more in-depth research is to take place.

As rationally deducted from the above the competition authorities have now chosen to penetrate markets which are suspected of non-proper operation, which results to inhibiting the interests and rights of their consumers, hence, targeting an entire sector instead of a specified corporation suspected of bad market conduct.

Chambersfields’ team of experts, in order to safeguard its clientele from being targeted and burdened with the conducting of an investigation which may take years to finalize and cause a severe impact on the corporations engaged, actively and adequately advises its Clientele on the strategy and manner applicable for the handling and general management of the investigation from its initiation to its very end i.e. proper evaluation of the circumstances, preparation of the presentation of the arguments to the relevant authorities, analogous categorization of internal and external information etc.

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