Merger control

Merger control

Chambersfield’s team of diversified experts constantly monitors the new merger control rules as also the annual reviews of the merger controls and issues proposals attempting to simplify the respective merger control notification process, in all countries and is thus, at any time, prepared to provide our Clientele with an overview of the merger control regime in each jurisdiction in order for our Clients to adequately assess whether it is beneficial for them to proceed with the considered course of action.

Furthermore our evaluation of the merger control regime jurisdictions is composed also of an analytical examination in connection to whether the merger control guidelines are binding on the analogous national competition authority and whether they can be invoked in court as also the degree to which they are consistent with the International Competition Network’s Recommended Practices for Merger Control Notification and Review Procedures. All of the previously mentioned are vital since the success of any Merger or Acquisition is highly defined by merger control.

Chambersfield does not only offer its services in order to assist its Clientele to proceed with the materialization of their envisaged global merger control structure but also safeguards its Clientele’s commercial and corporate interests by staying alert in connection to any merger which shall take place and could plausibly affect the Client’s interests.

Where the above occurs we assist our Clients via providing advice and formulating their arguments in order to properly forward them to the respective competition authority always with total awareness of the characteristics of the sad regime.

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