Product protection and recall

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Product protection and recall

Chambersfield strives to ultimately assist its Clients in the construction of all necessary internal checks and balances in order to detect, in a timely manner, any possible safety issues, or, product defects, that could pose a health risk to the consumer and thus endanger the manufacturer or seller with a legal action.

Ideally any incidents of the above-mentioned nature would be avoided, but realistically speaking, at times, such unfortunate incidents occur, and, when they do, our transnational based team of global brand protection experts at Chambersfield is technically and legally equipped to limit liability for corporate negligence and simultaneously mitigate monetary and reputational damage via the avenue of production protection and recall.

Chambersfield operates via teams of legal experts placed around the global, which are suitably equipped to initiate and complete product recalls through strict adherence to the jurisdiction’s consumer protection laws in regards to product recalls in combination with reaching out to the appropriate public authorities and applying the necessary media strategy to mitigate reputational damage and tackling of possible large-scale consumer claims.

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