Real estate and construction

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Real estate and construction

At Chambersfield, our team of construction experts can provide consultation when it comes to both residential, commercial and other industrial or public construction from the perspective of any interested party i.e. owner, occupier, developer, investor etc in connection to several aspects, including, inter alia, the necessary testing, the creation of the necessary flexible foundations in order for changes to be easily accommodated, general co-ordination, etc.

In regards to the real estate industry we can provide our advise and expertise to or Clients, either natural persons or legal entities, who/which engage in the activities of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing.

Our full spectrum of services, in regards to the above-mentioned industry sectors, includes the drafting of the supporting documentation accompanied by consultation in connection to the content of any legal document provided by a third party engaged in the transaction, assistance in connection to all matters associates with insurance and securities and the preparation and general consultation in regards to sale and purchase agreements.

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