Restrictive practices and commercial arrangements

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Restrictive practices and commercial arrangements

Our team of experts at Chambersfield is suitably equipped to deter, from an early stage, any policy followed by the Client that could possibly be classified as a restrictive practice and endanger the Client’s interest i.e. any manner of behaviour that inhibits the entry of new workers or any individual with any form of disability.
Simultaneously we protect our Clientele by remaining alert to all market arrangements in order to detect as to whether any trade arrangement restricts competition between corporations and thus hinders our Client’s interests from the benefits of a free market. In such a case we apply al measures necessary to put a stop to the said restrictive practice.

Our diversified team of legal experts is acquainted with commercial arrangements of all nature ranging from, inter alia, employment letters, utility and purchase contracts to commercial arrangements of a more multidimensional nature i.e. intellectual property (IP) agreements and international trade both of a horizontal and vertical nature.
We consult our Clients in connection to all matters in regards to antitrust/competition considerations that derive from the context of the commercial arrangements illustrated, as also, in issues associated with competition compliance in multiple sectors i.e. financial services, consumer goods, manufacturing etc.

Our team deals, on behalf our Clients’, with the competition of authorities and takes control of any possible court proceedings and simultaneously remains up to date with any changes that may occur in the legal scenery of each jurisdiction.

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