Restrictive practices and commercial arrangements

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Restrictive practices and commercial arrangements

Chambersfield’s expert legal team is here to protect your business interests from restrictive practices and to ensure that your company operates within the bounds of the law. Our team is highly skilled at detecting any actions that could be seen as impeding the entry of new workers or individuals with disabilities, and we take immediate action to address any issues that arise.

We are also diligent in monitoring all market arrangements to ensure that competition between companies is not being restricted in any way that would harm your interests. Our team is well-versed in commercial arrangements of all types, from employment and purchase contracts to more complex intellectual property and international trade agreements.

In all matters related to antitrust and competition considerations, Chambersfield’s legal experts provide comprehensive consultation and guidance to ensure compliance in all sectors, including financial services, consumer goods, and manufacturing.

We take charge of any legal disputes or proceedings with competition authorities on behalf of our clients, and we remain up to date with all changes in the legal landscape of each jurisdiction to ensure that your business is always operating within the bounds of the law. Let Chambersfield safeguard your business interests and ensure your continued success.