Restructuring and downsizing

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Restructuring and downsizing

Undoubtedly, as a consequence of the changing scenery caused by the effects of the global financial crisis, many Employers have considered it an obligatory and only solution to proceed with reducing considerably their number of employees on an international level.

Although the teams of legal experts ate Chambersfield are fully equipped to provide assistance, guidance and multi-jurisdictional support when it comes to preparing the applicable downsizing strategy and illustrating it, our constant thrust to formulate and proceed with innovative solutions, strategies and schemes has led us to demonstrate our preference in alternate avenues of action which are to be in the long run essentially more beneficial since downsizing, in the future, may prove to have been counterproductive.

Our recommended alternate avenues refer to a wide spectrum of services, including, inter alia, alternations in bonus plans accompanied by modifications to various terms and conditions, salary freezes, review and evaluation of the corporate structure in order to substitute the present one with a more efficient and productive corporate structure, etc.

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