Secondary transactions

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Secondary transactions

At Chambersfield, we offer a range of legal services that go beyond the traditional acquisition of investor interests in equity funds. Our expertise now extends to secondary transactions, which involve the sale of an existing investor’s interest in a fund to a third-party buyer.

Our legal teams are well-equipped to assist clients with all aspects of secondary transactions, from initial planning to ongoing monitoring. We understand the importance of safeguarding our clients’ legal and financial interests, and we work tirelessly to ensure that their rights are protected in accordance with the relevant legal framework.

Our comprehensive approach to secondary transactions enables us to provide clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and goals. Whether it’s advising on the structuring of a transaction or negotiating the terms of a deal, our team of experts is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

By choosing Chambersfield as their legal partner for secondary transactions, clients can rest assured that they are in good hands. Our team has a deep understanding of the legal and financial complexities of these transactions, and we use our expertise to help clients navigate the process with confidence and ease.