State aid

State aid

In the face of the recent financial crisis, National and Federal national governments as well as the European Commission has vested upon themselves unquestionable investigative and decision-making powers, through the avenue of state aid, whereby, on a discretionary basis, government support is given to a company if considered as applicable and justified by reasons of general economic development, with the Commission, having the power to recover incompatible state aid.

Our experience at Chambersfield and in-depth study of the legislation stipulating the staid aid exemptions, as also our constant monitoring of the regularly reviewed legal framework, enables us to provide our Clientele with the option of initiating investigations by submitting complaints to the Commission and proceeding with complaints, in the form of comments, on the Official Journal of the European Union when doubts arise as to the compatibility of a proposed aid measure.

Our team of legal experts has the necessary knowledge required in order to assess as to whether provision of a certain state aid case complies with National, Federal and European Union’s legal framework, and, if considered necessary, trigger a formal investigation procedure, inter alia, when considered that a company which has received state aid has gained an unfair advantage over its competitors.

Furthermore, we our able to represent our Clientele throughout the entire process of investigations before the European Commission and other National and Federal bodies and handle any litigation that may arise on a European or national level as also to consult our Clientele on potential state aid schemes and beneficial strategies as to the matter.

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